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Healthy Lifestyle Hacks 2: Honey Moisturizer and Coffee Filter Surprises

Here we are again for the last awesome hacks for your daily life. Hacks are supposed to be things you can do to make your life easier or more convenient but some of these sound a bit ridiculous. Nonetheless, many people attest that they work so let’s run down this weeks hack subjects shall we?

Best Honey Hacks

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Honey has been a treat since the dawn of mans discovery of it. Whoever looked at a hive of bees and thought "they must be hiding something delicious in there" is beyond me, yet, here we are. Honey is now a very common commodity across the world, whether it be a flavoring to candy, or an addition to tea, you have likely encountered honey somewhere in your life.

1. Endurance Booster

Have you ever taken any of those endurance boosting drink shots or gels? Well research says we could actually be getting the exact same result by bringing along a bit of honey for endurance provoking energy. A tablespoon or two of honey has natural sugars which is far better for you than those carbohydrate rich gels. Pack along a couple tablespoons in a plastic baggie and squeeze it out as necessary.

2. Lip Balm

Have you ever been able to find a container of chap stick again? Me neither. The good news is if you have some honey and a couple other simple ingredients you can make yourself some right at home to soothe your chapped lips. All you need is almond oil, beeswax, and of course honey to make a cool and thich lip balm that not only helps soothe the pain but also protects your lips. Take care though as this sweet lip balm concoction can be addictive like other lip balms if used excessively.

3. Calm a Cough

Not just an old wives tale, honey can actually help stop your coughing. Research has shown honey is an effective treatment for coughs and sore throats especially when taken before bed. Just be sure not to give honey to children under one year of age as this could lead to botulism. You can also mix honey with tea for a more relaxing and easy way to take it should you be feeling under the weather.

4. Moisturizer

The most unusual use of honey I have personally ever heard of was moisturizer but there is some science behind the idea. The honey creates a moist healing environment separate from the air that also helps to reduce inflammation. Try applying honey to inflamed or dry spots such as elbows and let it sit for 30 minutes. Be sure to wash it off especially if you go hiking near bears or bee hives.

5. Home Remedies

Honey is the source for a ton of natural home remedies, from smaller things such as hiccups or bad breath, to larger things such as anxiety, abdominal pain, and arthritis. Check out this cool article that showcases a few of these natural remedies that you can make right at home.


Coffee Filter Uses


Hands up if you didn't know coffee filters had other uses besides filtering coffee. You can put your hands down now. Yet I would not have a blog topic if it were not true. Coffee filters are a crude, selectively permeable design, meaning they only allow certain things to pass through them (water being the example in the case of coffee) while still holding the grounds as they are too big to pass through. This design can also have other uses besides being integral for our love of coffee.

1. DIY Greek Yogurt

This may have caught your eye if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to store bough Greek yogurt while still getting that delicious taste and nutritional punch that you know and love. This recipe technique is actually incredibly easy. Simply line a colander or strainer with a coffee filter then fill the filter with regular yogurt to sit overnight. By morning you will have fresh Greek yogurt.

2. Season Your Soup

I personally can be quite annoyed when it comes to fishing seasonings out of my soup such as bay leaves or herb stems. However, if you fill a coffee filter with all these items and tie it off, you can still make your delicious soup without having to worry about scooping anything out except soup.

3. Eliminate Odors 

As mentioned before, a coffee filter is semi permeable meaning it will only let certain things pass through it. If you place a few tablespoons of baking powder into a coffee filter and twist the top shut with a rubber band, you will have a very effective odor absorbing agent without the mess. You can place this little pack in your fridge, shoes, gym bag, closet, or anywhere else that may be prone to undesirable smells.

4. DIY Tea Bag

If it can make coffee, then making tea is definitely not a far reach from what a coffee filter can do. Just fill a coffee filter with your desired flavor of tea leaves and fruit peels and then tie it together with a string and use it as you would any normal tea bag. The beauty of this is that you can make your own tea creations to your own taste. This could potentially replace buying normal tea bags if you discover something you enjoy.

5. A Practical Brow Wipe

These guys aren't just great around the kitchen, they're also great for you personally. If you can take the strange looks you will get, consider using a coffee filter as handy wipe for your face to remove and absorb sweat and oils. You can also bring along a few on hikes, sporting events, or just on a hot day to keep your skin sweat free and healthy.

6. Soften Camera Brightness

This is a neat one, if you're out hiking/camping and see something picture worthy during dusk, consider using a coffee filter to soften sharp, bright flashes. I can't tell you how many times my pictures have come out either too bright or not bright enough, with a stash of coffee filters, that doesn't have to be the case any more. Control to what degree you want your picture flash softened by adding or removing coffee filters from in front of your flash. You're welcome!

7. Heat Resistance

Use coffee filters as a popcorn holder or microwave cover due to their ability to resist heat. You can keep your microwave cleaner or save yourself from doing dishes with this one hack!

8. Keep Clean

Not just yourself necessarily this time. If you happen to be out of paper towel for cleaning your windows and glass, try using a coffee filter instead, it is just as effective and leaves no unwanted lint or residue behind. You can also wrap a coffee filter around a popsicle to keep it from melting onto your hands.

I hope you enjoyed this two part hack series. If you want more hacks, please let us know in the comments!


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