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Eye Health: Best Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Your eyes play no small part in your day to day activities. Every day you use your eyes for just about everything you do, driving to work, cooking dinner, reading a book, etc. So if we use our eyes every single day all the time then should we not do whatever we can to take care of them? There are things both big and small we can do that will help to preserve our eyes long into the future.

Quick Tips to Care For Your Eyes

1. Check with your Doctor

This should always be a priority step. No one knows your eyes like your doctor does. The doctor can evaluate your vision and judge your eyes health, whether or not you need prescription lenses, and recommend a good course of action should your eyes express any complications or negative symptoms. I would recommend going for regular eye exams if possible even as a simple precaution. It is always better to catch the early signs and symptoms of anything rather than dragging it out and regretting it.

2. Genes

Knowing your family history could prepare you for what's to come should their be a pattern or trend in your parents and grandparents. Talk to your parents and find out if their is anything hereditary as it may help your doctor in knowing what to keep an eye out for. If everyone but you in your family is wearing glasses, that may be a tell tale sign of what's to come.

3. Diet

I am sure we have all heard our mothers tell us to eat our carrots as they are good for our eyes. However, there are other foods just as good that can add a bit more variety. Green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and collard greens can go a long way to helping maintain our vision. Research has also shown that their may be a link to Omega-3 found in fish and better eye health. Consider mixing fish and greens to make a tasty and healthy meal that's perfect for your eyes.

4. Weight

Weight and eyes have no connection right? Wrong. Diabetes from an unhealthy weight can lead to systemic complications ultimately messing up our vision. If you have trouble maintaining your weight and feel you are at risk for this, talk to your doctor.



5. Safety first

Do you have a job that causes a lot of debris and shrapnel? Then you will likely already know about the importance of safety glasses. It is important to know that proper eye protection should not just stop wherever you work, but should continue at home. Should you engage in any household chores that may involve eye damage such as pruning trees, changing your oil, or general renovations, always be conscious of proper safety.

6. Stop Smoking

If you smoke I am sure you have heard this a million times already that you should quit smoking. However, did you know smoking can actually harm your eyes? Smoking can actually be linked to macular degeneration, cataracts, and optic nerve damage (all of which leads to blindness). So if you are a smoker who values seeing on a daily basis, then be encouraged from yet another person to quit, otherwise, if you don't smoke, be warned to not even start.

7. Throw Shade... On Your Eyes

I personally am super photosensitive and have to wear sunglasses everywhere (raccoon eyes they call me..) however, some people do not see a need to wear sunglasses and that can cause harm to your eyes. The sun casts out all sorts of radiation, when looking to purchase sunglasses, always check that 99% - 100% of UV-A and UV-B rays are blocked.

8. The 20-20-20 Experience

All respect to Justin Timberlake for that subheading but the 20-20-20 rule can actually save your eyes a lot of strain just by taking a 20 second break. The rule is that if you take 20 seconds to look at least 20 feet away every 20 minutes, you can save your eyes from incredible strain, especially if you work a desk job staring at a computer all day.

9. Clean what touches your eyes

If it touches your eyes, keep it clean, a simple yet effective rule for keeping harmful stuff away from your eyes such as debris or bacteria. Basic things to keep in mind are your glasses, contact lenses, and your hands as these all touch your eyes frequently throughout your day.

Here are a few helpful videos on how to help your eyes!



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