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Birch Water: The New Coconut Water?

Perhaps the greatest trend in health drink history has been linked to the revelation of coconut water/oil and its benefits. However, in a recent up and coming trend, it has been discovered there might be a better solution in a place much closer to home. If you read the title you will know this to be birch tree sap. Why birch tree sap? How does it work? What does it do for you? All excellent questions that everyone wants to know. The reason for the rise in birch tree sap is the small hint of sweetness that is similar to maple syrup, as well as being packed with xylitol, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that boost energy, immunity, and helps to fight joint pain. The sap contains naturally occurring nutrients, restoring properties, detoxifies, and is extremely attractive to people interested in traditional and folk medicines. Let’s look at a few benefits of the sap:

Top 6 Benefits of Birch Tree Sap

1. Drinking Birch Tree Sap may lead to less dentist visits

If you know your oral health tips you probably saw xylitol mentioned earlier which is a natural sugar that can prevent cavities. Xylitol has been shown to increase your oral health due to bacteria being unable to use it as a food source. On top of being great for your teeth, xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar and has even been used as a sugar substitute, making birch tree sap a delicious and healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks.



2. Better skin management and cellulite control

On top of tasting better than your average health drink, birch tree water helps with flushing out toxins, acids, and excess water from the body. According to a study done, a one month trial of applying birch oil to a cellulite area toned it down significantly after a one month trial. Although more studies are still being done as to the extent of dermatological benefits, it seems that birch tree water can have a positive influence both inside our body, as well as outside.

3. Drinking the sap = lowering your cholesterol

In a study done in the 90's it was discovered that birch tree water contained saponin, which bind to bile acids and absorb cholesterol  through the creation of mixed micelles. These saponins then lead to the depletion of cholesterol by stopping its reabsorption and increasing its excretion. In other words: More Birch Sap = Lower Cholesterol!

4. A healthy liver

Our liver is an amazing organ that detoxifies chemicals and keeps our blood filtered. To help keep your liver healthy consider taking birch tree sap, an extremely powerful detoxifying agent! It is capable of eliminating toxins such as alcohol, saturated fats, and pesticides. A lot of people are now considering supplementing birch tree sap into their diet choices for a healthier liver through natural means.

5. Kidney cleanse

On top of already helping to promote a healthy liver, birch sap can also cleanse your kidneys and even help assist with weight loss. It can help to eliminate excess salt, uric acid, phosphates, certain medicines, urea, and ammonia. The elimination of these impurities can help cleanse the urinary tract and assist in losing weight as a result. The extract from the birch leaves in particular showed promising signs of detoxing, stimulating healthy kidneys, and allowing for a healthier urinary tract.

6. Skin rejuvenation

As mentioned before, not only is the birch water good for you on the inside, it is also good for your skin on the outside. Birch sap was found to improve softness of skin as well as relieve skin conditions eczema and acne. This incredible liquid can not only improve and restore skin but was also found to protect it from harmful UV rays, pollution, and inflammation.


*The information expressed here is still being studied and should never replace your medication or doctor prescribed treatment.


A few healthy mentions for birch:

As discussed above there are numerous reasons to incorporate birch water into your daily routine. However, there is also other parts and uses of the birch tree that can also make a difference to you for health and therapeutics. It was found that soaking birch leaves in your bath showed an increase in hair root health and helped combat dandruff. Birch trees have a long and powerful history of having strong anti-inflammatory characteristics both in the twigs through boiling, and through the leaves through juicing. These medicinal properties can go a long way to fighting inflamed areas both visibly on the body and internally as well. Birch tree buds have shown to prevent cancer, and provide a rich source of Vitamin C, flavonoids, and tannin which can also help fight viral infections.

The 4 Best Ways to Prepare and Consume Birch Water


Birch juice/sap has been a hit in the wine market with many people learning how to create it for its healthy properties and delicious taste. You can learn the finer points about birch sap wine here.


Much like the wine, birch sap beer can be made right from home if you have the right supplies. It presents a new idea of beer all together which you can read about here. It is also sweetened naturally with honey which is far healthier than most sweeteners.


You have a couple options when it comes to tea. Some people will actually boil parts of the birch tree such as the leaves for their own taste and health benefits. You can also use the birch water as the water used to boil the tea should you find any flavors that mix well. When it comes to your own health, there are no wrong steps in incorporating birch into your love of tea.


I suppose the saying in most health circles should be "if you can dream it, you can juice it" and sure enough there is the option to have juiced birch leaf should you prefer to have something strong and packed with nutrients. As the nutrients travel from the roots to the young leaves/buds during spring, the leaves are then juiced for their healthy and nutritious properties.


The simplest approach of all, water! You will find no shortage of up and coming companies either writing about or starting a business around birch water. Birch water is harvested only during the season of spring making it a limited seasonal drink comparable to eggnog only served during the Christmas season. The reason for this however is due to where the nutrients are and what stage of the "wake up" process the tree is currently in. As the nutritious sap travels up the tree from the roots after a long winter hibernation, these water companies will tap the tree to harvest this nutritious liquid while taking great care to not hurt or damage the tree in any way.


It's true! You can even make a delicious syrup out of birch tree sap! The only problem with making it is how much sap you need to harvest in order to get a decent amount of syrup. Typically you would only want to make this at home if you have a lot of accessible birch trees in the area to tap into. If you do, there are many incredible recipes online that show how to incorporate birch syrup into your foods. The syrups sweetness comes from fructose which is a far more healthier sugar that the sucrose found in maple syrup. Although it can be a bit of a change if you are used to traditional maple syrup, this syrup is incredibly healthier and can still be fantastic for Sunday morning pancakes!

Whether or not you are sold on the idea of consuming birch sap there is definitely no question that it is one of those things to keep an eye on as research is still being done to determine the extent of health benefits. Consider trying some before making the decision as to whether or not you want to introduce it into your diet as only you can make the best changes for your health!

Check Out This Video for how to tap your own birch trees in a traditional way!



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